About us

Your Reception Desk is a division of Data Supplies & Accessories Ltd, a Scottish based company who has been trading since 1982 and specialise in voice processing products. Despite being based in Scotland with presence in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we have clients all over the UK.

Having used numerous telephone answering services ourselves we were delighted to have found a virtual PA we were happy with, but more importantly one our customers and suppliers were happy with. Sadly our virtual PA was made redundant after the business she was working with decided to close. After speaking to numerous telephone answering companies, none of them could give us the service as we required it. We thought we probably weren’t alone in this, and spotted an opportunity.

We decided to start our own telephone answering service, with Karen, our nice efficient virtual personal assistant heading up the team for us. Over the years we have found that ‘people deal with people’ and this has proved true with Your Reception Desk, customers are very happy to have their favourite PA looking after them too. As we grow we are finding more and more customers who want a more personal service than what they have experienced with other companies.

In order not to completely ‘discard’ potential customers who just want the same service that everyone else offers we also have a Pay As You Go service, where we still offer a real live receptionist, but the amount of information she will take for you is on a par with most other telephone answering companies.