• Answering The Phone Professionally – Our Tips

    Everyone knows how to answer the phone, right? Maybe, but not everyone knows how to answer a phone professionally.

    At  Your Reception Desk, we manage phone lines for companies all across the UK, in a large range of industries. Because of this, we have to always be ready to present the best telephone image possible for our customers.

    Below we’ve put together a few of our top telephone tips. Bear them in mind when you’re manning the phones – and you can be sure you’ll be presenting a professional image.

    One: Make sure you have a standardised phone answer, and make sure all your staff know what it is. This way, whoever answers the phone your customer will receive a consistently professional response. It’s a nice idea to ask your staff to answer with the company name, and tell the caller their own name.

    Two: Don’t leave it ringing. A phone that rings endlessly is a clear message to your customers that their call isn’t as important to you as it should be. Make sure you pick up the phone as soon as possible.

    Three: When you answer the phone – make sure you smile. This simple act will make your voice brighter and friendlier, and your customers will appreciate it.

    Four: Speak clearly. It sounds simple – but you’d be surprised how many people don’t make an effort to do so. This is especially important while on the phone to new and potential customers.

    Five: Take a note of all phone calls. Using a record book to note down the name of the caller, their contact details and their enquiry is very useful when it comes to chasing up leads.

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