• How Efficient is Your Office?

    The growth of the digital world has enabled offices to become much more efficient. No longer are our working days ruled by waiting for the post, fax machines or filing cabinets. Instead, we can be much more efficient and environmentally friendly by using digital and online tools. Below, we’ve shared a few areas where switching to digital could make your office more efficicent.

    Going paperless

    The ability to store paperwork digitally has been a huge step forward in the office. No longer is it necessary to store and organise large physcial paper stores – items can be kept digitally with a lot less effort. Not only is this much better for the environment, it also means that less space and time is needed to maintain. Even better, storing data on ‘the cloud’ or setting up regular automated back ups can mean that data is much safer and much less likely to be lost or damaged.

    Instant communication

    Email, social media and instant messaging all now mean that we can get in touch with the people we need to speak to much quicker. No longer are we tied to waiting for the post, or fiddling with the fax machine, documents, data and information can arrive in our virtual inboxes the second they’re sent. This has meant that working processes have become much smoother and more efficient – digital dictation versus analogue dictation is a great example of this.

    Outsourced working

    Advances in the digital world have meant that it is easier than ever to use outsourced staff. Rather than having to hire full time administrative or specialist staff, and having to set them up with equipment, space in the office, and commuting time, outsourced staff now find it easier to work from home than ever before. Communication programs such as Skype make face-to-face communication possible at a distance, and file sharing software means that colleagues can work together on a project easily – even when they’re miles apart.

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