How Does It Work

It all works very simply.

We supply you with a unique divert telephone number, it will be a UK landline number. If you wish you can also request a New Virtual Landline Number (Geographic e.g. 0141 or Non Geographic e.g. 0800 or 0333) which can be discussed when you speak with our team. Having a Virtual Landline Number allows you to use this for your business and advertise it.

To arrange your calls to be diverted to Your Reception Desk , all you need is ‘call divert‘ setup on your phone line. We then give you a sequence of numbers for you to dial when you want to either divert all calls to us, just your calls when you are on the phone, or your calls that you cannot answer in so many rings. This type of call divert can be activated and deactivated in seconds whenever you wish.

When we receive your calls we answer them in your company name. All relevant calls are then sent to you either via text message, fax or email. We can even ‘patch’ the caller through to you if it is an urgent call.

We work with you as if we are sitting in your office.

For more on using call divert [click here]