Other Services

Mailing Address

Do you need a business mailing address? We can offer this in a number of locations from £25 per month. [find out more]

Meeting Room

Need to hire a meeting room to present to your clients? We can hire you a room in Cumbernauld or Edinburgh from £30 per hour.

Call Patching

This is when your caller asks to speak to you straight away, or if we detect the urgency in their voice! We put them on hold whilst calling you. When we find you we then ask you whether you want to take the call. If you do we will patch it to you. If you donate we will go back to the caller and take a message.

The cost of this service is £60 per month for the first 40 calls patched or message taken if you are unavailable, each call thereafter costs £1.50

Holiday Cover

Perhaps you do not need to use our service on an ongoing basis. We can offer you the same professional service but on a short term basis. It may be you are going on holiday, going to a conference, or simply need someone for a day or two.

If you are away for a few days and you donate want your messages relayed to you until you return, we can collate all these and send them to you on your return, or if you prefer we can send them straight away.

Whichever way works best for you, we are here to look after your callers, wherever you may find yourself. You can sign up here for holiday cover.

Additional Lines

Perhaps you have a campaign you want to use a different line, or you have a second business. We can provide a second line for £15, answer it as you have instructed us, but use the one account and package you have selected.

Order Processing

Many of our clients have customers who have callers that ask to place an order. We are happy to take these on your behalf, and process card payments with your online merchant. To find out the costs of this service please talk to us, so we can find out the exact process you require as each company will need differing amounts of time to do this.

Phone Numbers

We can also supply additional 08, 01, and 02 telephone numbers to you on top of the one we supply you when we work with you.

Fax Numbers

If you need to have a fax number but donate want to have a fax machine then we can supply you with a fax number and the faxes received will be emailed to you. This service costs £4 per month.

Diary Management

We can take appointments and update your online diary, this service costs £16 per month

Disaster Recovery [read more]