Pay As You Go Telephone Answering Services

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With no call queuing, all calls are answered live in your company name during office hours, and messages sent on to your phone or email. There will be no charge for sales calls or callers who don’t leave a message. And no monthly fees.

This is our basic, no frills, pay as you go service, that suits people on a very tight budget, and people who only need simple messages taken.

Pay as you go
What can you expect? We answer in the name of your company and apologise that you are unavailable. We will take the callers name, company name, telephone number and a brief message

Message for: John Smith
Caller: Jane Jones
Company: ABC Limited
Telephone: 0123 456 789
Message: Please call back, would like to place an order.

We then email or text this message to you immediately.

What does this cost? You top up your account in £20 increments, this gives you 18 credits of messages including the delivery to you of the message. There is no monthly fee. All we ask is that we process at least 1 genuine call per month.

You can at any time email your receptionist and change your information or delivery requirements.


Compare Services

ServicesPay As You GoPersonal Assist
A Dedicated Divert Number For Your Business
How are messages sentemail or text to 1 personemail, text or both to 1 person or group of people
Style of message sentBrief details including name and number of callerFull details including name, number, email and address, and any order/enquiry details
Monthly fee
End of day report
Diary Management
£10 per month
Call Patching
Option available