Telephone Answering

How important are the calls made to you? We appreciate that incoming phone calls are very important and as such take great care in dealing with them.

We aim to get to know your business, your employees and customers well, so that we are part of your team, without the costs of employing a member of staff.

With no call queuing, all calls are answered in your company name, and messages sent on to your phone or email. There will be no charge for sales calls or callers who don’t leave a message.

Compare Services

ServicesPay As You GoPersonal Assist
A Dedicated Divert Number For Your Business
How are messages sentemail or text to 1 personemail, text or both to 1 person or group of people
Style of message sentBrief details including name and number of callerFull details including name, number, email and address, and any order/enquiry details
Monthly fee
End of day report
Diary Management
£10 per month
Call Patching
Option available

We offer 2 types of telephone answering service:

Option 1 – Pay as you go
The first is a very basic, no frills, pay as you go service, that suits people on a very tight budget, and people who only need simple messages taken.

What can you expect? We answer in the name of your company during office hours and apologise that you are unavailable. We will take the callers name, company name, telephone number and a brief message

Message for: John Smith
Caller: Jane Jones
Company: ABC Limited
Telephone: 0123 456 789
Message: Please call back, would like to place an order.

We then email or text this message to you immediately. Additionally you can login to view your messages using our online portal.

What does this cost? You top up your account in £20 increments, this gives you 18 credits of messages including the delivery to you of the message.

You can at any time email your receptionist and change your information or delivery requirements.

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Option 2 – Personal Assistant
The second is our monthly subscription service, suitable for people who need more than just message taking, and prefer the more personal touch given to their callers.

What can you expect? We answer your calls in the name of your company during office hours and ask to help the caller. We can take as much information as you require from the caller including name, company, telephone number, email address, physical address, any order details and more.

Message for: John Smith
Caller: Jane Jones
Company: ABC Limited
Telephone: 0123 456 789
Message: Jane has placed an order for 35 x widgets, under order number P6789, invoice to 123 Acacia Avenue, Anytown AB1 2CD but please deliver to 456 Nice Place, Sunnytown EF3 4GH, price quoted £10.50 each plus VAT.

We then email, text or both to any number of recipients the details immediately, and can give you an end of day summary. You can also login to view your messages using our online portal.

Additionally we can process orders, manage your diary, check your emails, send out brochures or any other process you require done remotely.

What does this cost? This is done on a monthly subscription basis prices starting at £35 per month and can be tailoured to your needs.
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