• How Much Time Do You Spend at Your Desk?

    Are you a business owner or a freelancer? If so, we’ve got a question for you. In an average week – how much time do you spend at your desk? We bet that if you counted it up and allowed for all the time you spend in client meetings, travelling, and meeting with colleagues… it would be much less than you think.

    Bigger businesses are already well aware that often the more responsibility an employee has, the less time they spend sitting at their desk. Because of this, they make sure to provide a back up. Assistants are employed to answer the phone and deal with enquiries when the person they are directed at is unable to get to their phone.

    How much easier would your working week be if you were able to allow yourself the same luxury? Accepting that being away from your desk is a necessity, and putting the framework in place to deal with it could be a step that would make you more productive, less stressed and more able to accept opportunities.

    It’s precisely because of this that virtual assistants such as ourselves at Your Reception Desk are becoming more popular. We know that the average business person doesn’t spend the amount of time at their desk that they wish they could. We’re able to provide a support mechanism and can even take on some administrative tasks to relieve the pressure and give all the benefits of a full time assistant without needing the salary.

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