• How Much Time do you Spend Doing Jobs That Don’t Need You?

    Are you a business owner? We have a question for you.

    How much time do you spend doing jobs that don’t need to be done by you?

    We understand what it’s like to run your own business, after all, we’ve been running ours for thirty years. As a small business owner, it often feels like you have to do everything. The accountancy, the admin, the marketing, the customer service… and that’s even before you take into account what it is that you actually do.

    At Your Reception Desk we believe strongly that business owners should be able to spend their time doing whatever it is they do best. Whether they’re a designer, a plumber, a writer or a tailor – not only will they be happier doing whatever it is they started a business to do… they’ll also be a lot more efficient.

    In a bigger company, you’d never catch the managing director or the top executives doing their own admin. Why? Becuase it’s not a valuable use of their time. When a company is paying an individual good money to do a high level job – it would be inefficient for that individual to waste time (and money!) doing a job that could be done by a less senior member of staff.

    When you run your own business – this principle still applies. Here’s an example; perhaps you spend an hour a day taking calls, answering FAQs and booking appointments. If you hadn’t had to spend that hour doing that, how much money could you have earnt doing some design work, or some plumbing, or some writing, or some tailoring? We bet it’s significantly more than the amount it would cost you to employ someone else to answer the phone!

    Of course, for many small business it’s not a viable option to have a full time member of staff to take on these jobs. But it is viable to use a virtual assistant to do them.

    How much more efficient do you think your business would be with the support of a VA?

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