• Using a VA as a Full Time Receptionist

    There are many ways that a company or individual can use a telephone answering service. Some of our customers choose to use our support only when they’re on holiday. Some use it whenever they’re away from their desk. Some use it on a full time basis.

    This third option is particularly appropriate for customers who are using our full Personal Assistant service. Instead of redirecting their phones to us only when they’re not available to answer – it’s possible for them to have their phones redirected to us all the time. Whenever they get a call, we answer it quickly and professionally in their company name. Depending on the needs of our customer, and the exact package they’re using, we are able to deal with the call or patch it straight through to the customer.

    There are a number of benefits to doing this.

    • Small businesses may not be able to afford a full time receptionist, but they may want to benefit from the perceived professionalism of having one. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a member of staff, we’re able to provide that for them.
    • It’s a huge time saver. Imagine if someone else was able to answer sales calls on your behalf and save you the trouble of dealing with them?
    • We’re also able to deal with many genuine calls. We can process orders and answer questions, on behalf of our customers, meaning that they can concentrate on what they do best.
    • We can help our customers to manage their day. Our diary management service means that we can book appointments and meetings on behalf of our clients, then simply send them through a weekly or daily schedule.

    Are you thinking about using a virtual assistant as a full time receptionist? Why not get in touch?

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