• Why use a telephone answering service

    Ever needed more time? Our service can give you that. There are many other reasons to use us, here are just a few:

    – Never miss another call during office hours.

    – Real people to answer your calls, get rid of that answerphone!

    – Save overheads on paying staff to answer calls when they could be using their skills more productively.

    – Don’t waste anymore time answering the phone to cold callers trying to sell you services you don’t need! There will be no charge for sales calls or callers who don’t leave a message.

    – Freedom to get away from your desk.

    – Your potential customers don’t hear an engaged tone and try your competition in the phone book.


    Most businesses would rate their telephone as one of the things they couldn’t do without, however not everyone can answer all their incoming calls. In a recent survey 70% of people said they wouldn’t leave a message on an answering machine, and this is quite believable, would you? What happens then if the caller has money to spend and they can’t get you?

    Our telephone answering service is ideal way to ensure that you only speak to the right people, at the right time. Our virtual assistants however are anything but virtual. Our PAs are committed to helping their customers succeed in delivering the best quality of service possible.

    We are much more than a message taking service, we take it personally. We offer an entry level simple Pay As You Go telephone answering service, ideal for people who just want a simple message taken and forwarded by a real live person, and we also have a Personal Assist service for those who need a little more interaction with their callers, whether it is taking more information, processing orders, or sending calls to different people withon your organisation.

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